File FBAR Online - Report of Foreign Bank Account Reporting

What is the history of the FBAR?

2022-06-27 22:46:17 by Erwin Mattegon

The FBAR, or Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report, is a U.S. Treasury form that must be filed by certain U.S. taxpayers who have financial interests in or signature authority over foreign financial accounts. The FBAR is used to help the U.S. Governm ...

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10 Reasons to File Your FBAR before the Deadline

2022-06-02 17:50:50 by Erwin Mattegon

10 Reasons to File Your FBAR before the Deadline 1. FBAR is the only way to report your foreign accounts 2. You could face hefty penalties for not filing 3. The sooner you file, the lower your risk of being audited 4. It's relatively simple to file FB ...

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U.S Ahuja Ask Wisconsin Court to Drop Settled $5M FBAR Suit

2022-06-02 08:24:48 by Erwin Mattegon

The U.S Government and Arvind Ahuja, a neurosurgeon convicted for violating foreign bank account reporting laws have requested that a Wisconsin federal court dismiss a tex suit after settling out of court. In a stipulation of dismissal filed on Tuesd ...

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Son Of Panama Papers Tax Dodger Cops To Tax Evasion

2022-06-02 08:23:38 by Erwin Mattegon

According to a federal court verdict, the son of a businessman implicated in the Panama Papers tax fraud scandal pleaded guilty to three counts and was sentenced to time served. According to the judgment filed Thursday in the United States District C ...

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