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Man Can't Get FBAR Penalties Overturned

2022-06-02 08:22:34 by Erwin Mattegon

A naturalized citizen must shoulder tax charges for failing to disclose foreign bank accounts to the Internal Revenue Service since the government established that he knowingly tried to conceal his revenue overseas, the Eleventh Circuit stated on Friday.A ...

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Govt Says That Saha Owes $230K In FBAR Penalties And Interests

2022-06-02 08:22:03 by Erwin Mattegon

A Missouri Federal Court has been told by the U.S. Government that Sankar Saha owes over $230,000 to the Internal Revenue Service in penalties and interest accrued on several foreign bank accounts he neglected to disclose.From 2008 up until 2014, Sankar S ...

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Couples Bid To Void FBAR Settlement Rejected

2022-06-02 08:21:40 by Erwin Mattegon

A D.C. federal judge has ruled, thwarting a couple's attempt to renege on a $511k agreement made with the IRS as settlement for failing to report their Swiss bank account interests, saying they voluntarily entered the agreement. The Court dismissed the ca ...

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Calif. Court Orders Ariz. Man To Pay $309k In FBAR Penalties

2022-06-02 08:20:33 by Erwin Mattegon

Paradise Valley's Robert Goldsmith has been ordered by a California Federal Court to pay $309k in fines for neglecting to disclose an inherited Swiss bank account from 2008 to 2010, stating that the evidence showed clearly that Goldsmith acted recklessly. ...

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